As a part of the global Impact Hub network with over 11,000 members, we own and operate 5 Impact Hub co-working communities, as well as 5 joint-ventures, across the United States.

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About MissionHUB

Established in 2009, MissionHUB is a network of Impact Hub co-working communities and the annual SOCAP conference.

We believe trust, collaboration, and courage shapes communities where ideas and change can thrive. These core values make up our DNA and guide us in reaching social and environmental benchmarks. Being a B Corp strengthens our resolve to achieve higher standards, and empowers changemakers in our community to do the same.

What's your Mission?

​​​​Since 2008, SOCAP has brought together social impact leaders to connect and present their ideas to a global audience. Our annual flagship event in San Francisco is the largest conference for impact investors and social entrepreneurs.

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MissionHUB helps entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses that drive long-term social and environmental good
We are building a platform of change-makers driving social and environmental sustainability through entrepreneurship in community. 
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